Nová publikace o inklusivním vzdělávání v širších souvislostech a v komparativním pohledu

Rádi upozorňujeme na kolektivní monografii vydanou ve spolupráci s kolegy z PedF UK, PedF UHK, Francie, Švýcarska, Polska, Norska a Kanady.


Cultures of Inclusive Education and Democratic Citizenship: Comparative Perspectives

Magdalena Kohout-Diaz & Martin Strouhal 7


  1. Epistemology of the Inclusive Process, Education for Democracy and Respect for Individuality of Man as Two Basic Conditions of Inclusive Ideas, Ideologies and Policies


Inclusive Education as a Magnifying Glass of Problems of the Democratization of School Education

Stanislav Štech 26

Inclusive Democracies in the Era of Global Threats: Challenging the Narratives of Division Through the Enactment of the Ideals of Public European Education

Régis Malet 46

Inclusion and Neoliberal Education Reforms: What Has Gone Wrong, and Why Knowledge Should Be an Essential Part of the Solution

Erik Bratland 66


  1. Conditions, Tensions and Tools Currently Discussed Enabling Truly Humanistic Implementation of Inclusive Education


Inclusion in the School Environments of a Democratic Society

Jaroslav Koťa 84

Implementing Inclusive Policies: What Are the Local Realities?

Serge Ramel 100

Key Universal Conditions for the Successful Implementation of Inclusive Schools

Philippe Tremblay 119


  1. Problems, Opportunities and Barriers in the Inclusion Plan of Concrete Inclusive Cases, Laws or Situations


A View of the Current State of Inclusion in Czech Schools: Inclusive Practice in Education since 2016

Tereza Komárková 146

Educational Paths in Social Exclusion

Markéta Levínská 173

Opportunities and Barriers of Inclusive Education for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Poland: “Together Forward” Case

Dorota Bazuń & Mariusz Kwiatkowski 200


  1. About the Authors 222


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